More than a dozen brokerage houses as well as the insurers elipsLife and Vaudoise have acquired a stake in SOBRADO Software AG since April 2020 as part of the completion of the promised opening. Swiss Life had already acquired a stake in 2015, AXA in 2018 and Mobiliar and Kessler & Co. AG in 2019 took a stake in SOBRADO.

In the course of the opening up that has taken place, it is planned to strengthen the Board of Directors of SOBRADO in terms of personnel by adding further industry representatives. In particular, Patricia Mattle, CEO Switzerland and Liechtenstein of elipsLife, a subsidiary of the Swiss Re Group, and Ivo Flüeler, CEO of ARISCO Risk Consultants, are to be newly elected to the SOBRADO Board of Directors as broker representatives.

In this regard, an Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on September 24, 2020. All SOBRADO shareholders will receive a personal invitation in the next few days.