About Us

With the establishment in 2013, Sobrado dared to take an important step into the technological age: the digitization of insurance offers and tenders. Consisting of executives with significant experience in the insurance industry and an innovative and dynamic team, Sobrado has developed over the years from a determined start-up into a company that is well-established throughout Switzerland.

Today Sobrado is the leading transaction platform between brokers and insurers in Switzerland and serves as an important communication channel for the industry.

Who We Are

Established in 2013 in Zürich, Switzerland
30 professionals that push the whole industry forward
Zürich office: management, development, business analysis, marketing & sales
Minsk office: development, quality assurance, design

With two locations (Zürich & Minsk) and around 30 employees, we pursue an agile organizational structure and constantly drive the company forward with new ideas and functions.

Meet the Team

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Christian Röthlin


Richard Lauper

COO & Product Owner

Adrian ILL

Member of BOD & Founder

Oscar Fernandez

Head of Business Team / Product Manager

Michael Rentka

PO & Software Engineer

Egzon Veseli

Operations Responsible

Nëntor Elshani

Key Account Manager Swiss Romandie

Didier Pittet

Key Account Manager Swiss Romandie

Janik Steiner

Marketing & Library

Julia Kostadinov

Operations & Parsing

Denis Rykart

Operations & Parsing

Tanja Werder

Operations & Support

Noelia Felice

Operations & Support

Livio Nievergelt


Priska Hoffmann

Human Resources

Rémy Schumm


Stephan Bachofen


Dmitry Stasilevich

Head of Engineering

Dmitry Gulyakevich

Tech Lead

Ekaterina Yanushkevich

Technical Product Owner

Alexander Rymarchik

Software Engineer

Alexey Deshkevich

Software Engineer

Eugeniusz Pasieka

Software Engineer

Nikolay Kuznetsov

Frontend Developer

Alexander Trafimovich

Software Engineer

Denis Kasyanenka

Software Engineer

Alex Potapenko

Product Designer

Alexey Pilipovich

Software Engineer

Vitali Svirida

Software Engineer

Dmitry Lukashuk

Software Engineer

Kiril Shopik

QA Engineer

Aleksandra Kuznetsova

QA Engineer


Chief Happiness Officer

Ivo Flüeler

Member of BOD

Thargye Gangshontsang

Member of BOD

Patricia Mattle

Member of BOD

Philippe Pointet

Member of BOD

Christoph Kopp

Member of BOD

Andreas Meier

Member of BOD

Daniel Castignone

Chairman of BOD

Markus Popp

Product Advisor & Founder

Silvan Mühlemann

Technical Advisor & Founder