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24.12.2020 Merry Christmas

Instead of a Christmas present for our customers, we decided to make a larger donation to an NGO startup. Thanks to the collaboration of one of our employees with this NGO (see below), we are sure that the donation can be used for the intended purpose. We can therefore warmly recommend an imitation.

Dear SOBRADO Community

A very special calendar year is coming to an end.

The 2020 was extraordinary and brought many obstacles with it.

Despite everything, SOBRADO was able to develop further thanks to your support. This cannot be taken for granted and we are very grateful for it.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope for a healthy 2021 with many personal contacts.

Best regards

What is Buy Food with Plastic?

Buy Food with Plastic (BFWP) organizes events around the world that unite people and enable solutions to the most pressing local problems: Pollution, Hunger and Poverty. At BFWP events, organized directly with local people in Ghana, Nicaragua and India, local people can buy/trade for a hot meal with 10 PET bottles collected by themselves. The bottles collected in this way are then processed into products (houses, furniture, etc.).

Richard Lauper, a member of Sobrado’s management team, does dedicated pro bono work for Buy Food with Plastic.