We connect brokers and insurers. For faster, safer and reliable business processes.

We provide the latest technologies in a user-friendly environment so you can significantly optimize your offering or tendering process. Scroll down to find out how.

Our innovative software enables simple digitisation of the insurance business to let you effectively lead the entire flow.


  • Tenders with just a few clicks
  • Compare offers at the push of a button
  • Applications and policies in next to no time
  • Seamless integration with CRM software
  • General terms and conditions of all providers at a glance

Sobrado Platform


  • Maximum visibility in the market
  • Targeted broker approach
  • More and tailor-made tenders
  • Efficient benchmarking of your own offers
  • Simple success control in the broker channel

Our insurers shareholders

Selected brokers, premium insurance providers and CRM partners


Ivo Flüeler
Arisco Risk Consultants

ARISCO Risk Consultants recommends the use of Sobrado because it makes the important and centralized tendering process more efficient and cost-effective and saves time for consulting with the customer.

Michel Peder

PederConsulting recommends the use of Sobrado because it saves unnecessary staff time and allows our employees to focus on the important tasks.

Ralph Nyffeler
DR. Gysin & Jeker AG

DR. Gysin & Jeker AG recommends the use of Sobrado, because the platform can be used in a variety of broker business processes to increase benefits and efficiency. That is why we use Sobrado.


Christoph Kopp
Head of Broker Distribution
Die Mobiliar

Mobiliar recommends the use of Sobrado because the offer transaction can be processed faster and thus more cost-effectively for brokers and insurers.

Samantha Ritz
Head of Broker Distribution
Swiss Life

Swiss Life recommends the use of Sobrado because, thanks to the encrypted data transmission, the offers arrive securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Patricia Mattle
CEO Switzerland & Liechtenstein

elipsLife recommends the use of Sobrado, as the statistics tool (MIS) provides both sides with important key figures on company performance. Therefore use
use Sobrado!

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