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Why is secure data transmission so important?

Sobrado provides an advantageous solution set for the data security of all Swiss providers. Regulatory attempts or authorities are no longer a problem with SOBRADO and you can still do your business.



With the increasing regulation of the European Data Protection Act, stricter security standards are being sought by Swiss legislation and FINMA in particular.
strived for. The Swiss insurance market is particularly affected by this, as secure data communication can only be found there to a limited extent.
Meanwhile, increased data protection is not only being demanded by the authorities; the media presence surrounding the topic of data use (keyword Cambridge Analytica) is also forcing many industries to adapt their data handling.


What makes Sobrado’s data security so special?
Data protection is not only part of SOBRADO’s corporate version, it is rather the be-all and end-all of any corporate communication. Insurance brokers and providers are in daily contact with sensitive data and information. Emails travel in plain text and are easily accessible to hackers through the Internet. Common methods such as password-protected Excel spreadsheets are also no longer up to date. With a technically advanced tendering platform, the SOBRADO software reaches level 3 of the Swiss Data Security Level and thus meets the current security standards. Any data exchange takes place only through one communication channel: A single interface handles all actions on the platform and sensitive files can be received and sent without any problems.
In order to comply with these security standards, Sobrado has various measures in place, such as signed confidentiality agreements, external penetration tests and two-factor authentication. A pledge for secure data storage has also been made in writing by all board members and prohibits any disclosure of data to third parties. All Sobrado servers are hosted in Switzerland, in a FINMA-certified data center.


A first important step towards data security is to create a replacement for e-mail communication. Interactions in mail traffic (also via secure mails) no longer meet security requirements and are slow and inefficient. By using SOBRADO’s central communication channel not only better conditions are created, providers actively acquire level 3 of the data protection scale and thus the highest possible security status nationwide.