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Do you offer training to brokers and insurance companies?

Yes, we offer Cicero-certified and free of charge trainings to our users.

For Broker:

Sobrado offers customized training courses. These have depending on the bidding season the focus in BVG or non-life. As an administrator you will learn how to manage the user administration with all settings and how to design the quote comparison according to the corporate design of your company. As a user, you will get to know the simplified tender process for all insurance products as well as the automatic offer comparison and the communication options with the providers.

For Insurer:

We will show you as an underwriter our development steps of the last years. This includes, for example, secure data transfer via upload and download. The following functions will be shown to you:
– Upload offers
– Reject offers
– Answering specific questions of the broker in the quote request
– Requesting an extension of the deadline
– Check the quote information on the broker’s quote comparison page
– Write comments on the broker’s comparison
– Receive anonymized quote comparisons
– The advantages and the use of SOBRADO Library