Since 2000, the BVK has been able to largely cushion all necessary reduction measures with generated equity. Insured persons who have been insured with the BVK since then still indirectly have a conversion rate of over 6.5%. To ensure that this remains the case, the recent reduction in the technical interest rate and thus also the conversion rates will be cushioned as of January 1, 2022. All insured persons will receive a credit of between 2% and 3.2% on their capital paid out on a staggered basis.

In addition to conversion rates, interest rates are also under pressure. In the case of full insurance policies, the interest rate in the extra-mandatory sector is already close to 0%. At BVK, customers can also lean back in this respect. An interest rate of 2% on the entire capital is guaranteed until at least June 30, 2022.

BVK is a reliable partner. We are happy to prepare offers for your customers. Jürg Landolt, Key Account Manager, will be happy to provide you with advice.